Your Quests

A choose your own adventure site

You are thrown into the cage, followed by your fellow turkeys one after the other. Before long the cage is cramped and smelly, but at least there’s feed and you’ve never really been on a road trip before. You wonder what your new home will look like as the cage is filled, the truck leaves, and you hit the road.

The world outside your usual pen is lovely, with all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells that you’ve never encountered before. After a half-hour drive through the country you catch another smell… the smell of death.

The truck pulls up to a large building where a group of humans are waiting for you all. They open the cage door and grab you each one by one, transferring you to another cage as the farmer waves goodbye.

Before you know what’s happening you’re grabbed by the legs and held upside down. The man carrying you walks you over to what appears to be a series of buckets or cones. He shoves your head into one and you are trapped.

The next thing you know, you feel a slice at your neck and the world goes dark.

You are dinner.