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You know better than most what a deadly threat an archer can be. Aiming past the charging swordsman, you loose a shaft at the archer. You barely have time to notice them stagger before you are leaping away from the swordsman’s slash. You think your arrow caught the archer in the chest, but you can’t be sure. You run hard, leaping over mud-pits for firm ground, trying to put rocks or logs or anything between yourself and the swordsman. You hear their rasping breath right behind you, and once or twice hear the swish of a blade through empty air.

You run hard, flat out for a hundred paces, noting the clink of their mail receding behind you. When you’re sure they’re far enough back, still running hard, you risk nocking and drawing another arrow. You skid to a stop and spin on your heel, draw, aim and fire all in one motion. You have practiced this with the village militia, and you are glad for all your hard work when your arrow takes the swordsman in the right shoulder despite their defensive dodge. They twist and fall, dropping their blade and grabbing at the arrow.

A shaft lands quivering in the mud nearby, and you see that the archer has fired again despite their wound, but their short bow is no match for yours at this distance. You aim well and loose another shaft that arcs beautifully in the dim light. It lands in your target and you see them collapse.

Well done! Now what to do?