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The Curse of Dwimmermere by Jacob Hoskinson

You are the lone hunter in the struggling village of Clummoch. Most of your neighbors grow and harvest kola mushrooms in the paddies and bogs around your home, but you alone dare the fringes of nearby Dwimmermere to hunt the spotted yak with your great yew bow.

Today you return home with a fresh kill heavy on your shoulders. Even as you enter the village, you hear the rush of a vast wind through the treetops, and feel the gale rise against your back, blowing chill from the depths of the forest. That wind starts a shiver deep in your soul, and even as you look back toward the shadows of the wood, you see a dark green mist roll toward you. It broils through the trees and flows out into the village.

Your first breath of that reek causes you to drop your kill and double over, coughing. You taste sickness and poison. Something in the Dwimmermere has reached out to taint your village.

You cover your face with the edge of your cloak, and as you stagger forward, you see others doubled over, coughing so hard they cannot seem to stop.

Your first impulse is to rush home to your daughter, Alena,to make sure she’s alright. But it might be just as wise to run to Conrath. If the old sage is sleeping, he might die before he can use his magics to save the village. You spot your neighbor Japheth before you.